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Dine in style at your next event.

Spoon, Fork, or Knife $25 each

SaltSpoon $5 each


Small Set $45 (fork, spoon)

Full Set $65  (fork, spoon, knife)

Deluxe Set $80 (fork, spoon, knife, salt spoon, carry case)

Super Deluxe Set $110 (fork, spoon, knife, saltspoon, Stainless Chopsticks, carry case)

Child Set $45 (small fork, spoon, drawstring pouch)

Please indicate Pattern (twist or hammered) in Style Box.

Feast Ware

  • Our feastware is made of Stainless Steel and is dishwasher safe.  SaltSpoons are of mild steel and can be rubbed with kitchen oil to prevent rust in storage.  Will remain rust free if stored in salt cellar.

    All of our products have a lifetime guarantee. 

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